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Training Program 2017

19/10/2013 10:41
The 2017 training program from the consultant company IECS Group,S.C. meet Certification courses and Workshops supported by Lean Six Sigma International Association This program contains training classes by ON SITE and e-learning methods. Please see next link for complete...

Banesco Banco Universal

29/01/2009 12:58
Inspirado en los principios y valores tales como innovacion y calidad del servicio; Banesco busca superar permanentemente las expectativas de sus clientes y para lograr preservar la esencia de su exito, esta organizacion de servicios financieros integrales comenzara con la capacitacion y...

Flint Group and Latin America

27/01/2009 10:41
Flint Group, with the consulting and training services of IECS Group; this 2009 continuous whit projects validations from Six Sigma at continent level; includes Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Chile in this first stage with the formation of Black Belts.

Lean Six Sigma Deployment ( CFE ) 2009

27/01/2009 10:00
  The Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) as part of their Lean – Six Sigma Deployment Strategy into their Business Units (Nationwide) will continue with the Six Sigma and Lean Training Program this 2009. The Company IECS Group,S.C. will provide them the Certification Training of...