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If Manufacturing Companies and service organizations want to have Robust Processes they should apply World-Wide Class Methodologies like:   

   o   Lean Six Sigma
   o   Lean Manufacturing  
   o   Business Process Reengineering
   o   Supply Chain Management

Industrial Engineering Consulting Services (IECS Group) is a consulting firm that provides Training-Certification services in those methodologies supported by the Lean Six Sigma International Association (LSSIA) as well as consultancy On Site within Companies or Organizations who decide to apply these World-wide Class tools to improve their products/services.

Our consulting and training services for manufacturing and services organizations,supporting them to increase process capacity in a tipycally company of sigma level from 2 to 4.

Getting tangible benefits since the first implementation year, within short term Deployment Strategy from 2 - 3 years.


 Our objectives:

  • Provide training, coaching and tracking for improvement projects under world class standards.
  • Contribute to get our clients tangible benefits through quality services with a minimum results from 10 - 1 on returns of investments.


  • Provide world class quality practices from Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Business Process Reengineering under client’s services.


  • To be the consulting company with more tangible benefits and high training and coaching quality delivery into México and Latin America.

 Our Values:

  • Honesty.
  • Responsibility.
  • Respect.
  • Commitment with results delivery.
  • Ethic.
  • Continuous support



Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE)

As part of Lean Six Sigma Deployment Strategy ,this 2008 IECS Group trained the Six Sigma Commite as Lean Six Sigma Champions, located in their corporate oficces in México City in order to deploy this 2009 the Lean Six Sigma Strategy throught all business units (nationwide) of CFE.

During this year will continue with the corporate strategy provying training and coaching from Lean Six Sigma focus on  Lean Six Sigma Champions, Black Belt, Green Belt, Lean Experts and Minitab v15.0 workshop.

In addition our consultants will continue provying coaching and performance tracking for Six Sigma Black and Green Belts projects trained during 2008.


Flint Group (México and Latin America)

Flint Group, continuous with IECS Group,S.C support in order to close improvement certifications projects from  Six Sigma Black Belt y Green Belt that were trained in 2008.

This Six Sigma Projects are performed throught Latin America considering Flint Group business units from Argentina, México, Brasil, Colombia and Chile  during the first wave of Green Belts and Black Belts.