Our History

This consulting firm was born in Tijuana, B.C.N. in 2002 as inquietude of specialists in Six Sigma Methodologies and  Lean Manufacturing.

As experts, they knew about potencial application of those methodologies while they were responsible of improvement initiatives in world-wide class companies like: SONY, AVERY DENNISON, SUNRISE MEDICAL, BOURNS and  TYCO, to manufacturing and administrative enviromentes they created Industrial Engineering Consulting Services (IECS Group).

IECS Group's experience has been rewarding as we can have tangible results for our customers and, also we keep learning when we apply our knowledge and experience in manufacturing and administrative environments as much in World-Wide Class Companies and Government Organizations at National level.

 This training classes involve ON SITE and e-learning methods.

This certificates focus in the following aspects:

* Certificates contemplate knowledge defined by international standards.

* These certificates are led by instructors who were certificated by companies of world-wide class, later to succesful accomplishment of projects through application of these methodologies in manufacture and transactional environments.

* Certificates are executed through practical projects developed in class, promoting team-work to get results under project management.

* Assistants will find out that the courses have instructor's presentations enriched through dynamics in teams, applied excersises and projects' progress presentations.

At the end of certificates assistants will get following knowledge and skills:

* Abilities and knowledge in the identification, planning and implementation of Improvement projects.

* Knowledge and practice of technical tools about improvement process.

* Abilities to team-work, object oriented and self-directed 




IECS Group is a member associated of the Lean Six Sigma International Association (LSSIA)With this Strategic Alliance the company IECS Group, S.C. guarantees his (her,your) clients, that it (he,she) will continue providing standard high places of quality inside the services that it(he,she) offers, agreement to practices of World Class.

Likewise the Certifications as(like):

  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Expert 
  • Between(among) others.


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